At the Church by the Sea, music plays a major role in the spiritual enrichment of its members, worship and community. As our music ministry develops, we invite you to become involved in the following programs.

Adult Chancel Choir: Singers come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds and careers. We have a core group of paid soloists who lead and support each vocal section. The majority of our choir are members and friends of the Church who share a passion to serve God through singing. Our music selections are varied ranging from the Classics to Pop. There is no audition required to be a member of the choir and the ability to read music is not necessary. In addition to singing every Sunday during the worship service, our Chancel Choir present two concerts each year called “Worship Through Music”, one during Lent and the other during the Christmas season. Our rehearsal schedule is simply every Sunday from 8:30 – 10:00am before worship, so there are no demands on your time during the week.

Children’s Glee Club Choir: The Children’s Choir offers a great music and theatrical opportunity for children in grades K-12. Harold Dioquino is the wonderful and talented director, who creates a fun atmosphere for the group. They sing occasionally during our 10:30am worship service and present our Christmas Eve musical presentation during the Family Worship Service.

Intergenerational HandBell Choir: The HandBell Choir periodically rehearses and performs during worship service.

Contact Information:
For more information about the Church by the Sea Music Ministry, or to inquire about joining the choir, please contact Harold Dioquino, Minister of Music at at (305)866-0321 or