Sunday Church School

The mission of the classroom is to promote an open, healthy, God-centered environment that promotes the well-being of our children and aids them in recognizing they are a child of God. Our professionally staffed Church School runs year-round during the 10:30AM worship service at the St. Regis Hotel. Parents must pick up their children from the classroom after the service. Scripture, age-appropriate application, art and games round out the Church School hour. As a Christian Education staff, we seek to include all and help one another discover the gifts we have been blessed with by God.

Youth Group

We value our youth. Church by The Sea make every attempt to ensure youth group and other children activities are safe, nurturing, and responsive to the needs of our children and their families. We are aware that there are ages where emotional and physical has progressed. We also recognized that not all children at the same age level have had the same experiences. Therefore, we as a church, have committed to ensuring we have paid, trained and experienced staff to ensure the safety of all.  All children and teens will be instructed by staff as to the values and teaching of Christ including: loving neighbor, loving self, compassion, forgiveness, turning the other check, non-violence, acceptance, inclusion and welcome to name a few. These values will be impressed in activities and events involving children and youth. Throughout the year, our Middle School and Senior High (Koinonia) Youth Groups attend retreats and are given community service project opportunities. Our Middle School Youth Group meets on Wednesday from 5-6 and our High School Youth Group (Koinonia) also meets on Wednesday from 7-8.

Our youth groups are on a break for the summer! Please reach out to us if you’d like your child to join our groups when the school year begins.