Everyone is welcome here, visitors, friends, guests, and members alike.
Whether you believe or have doubt, you and your questions are welcome here.

 The Church by the Sea, United Church of Christ, is a community on a journey seeking to live out the example of love set by Jesus. We do not claim to be perfect, only to be striving to live more as God would have us live, as we celebrate and share the gifts and diversity God has placed among us. We follow the Bible as our guide, and cherish our history and tradition, but constantly keep our eyes open for new ways to serve, and be the people, God calls us to be.

We aim to bring the message of God’s healing love to all people and to work for the promotion of justice, peace and human understanding in all our relationships. We celebrate and find strength in our diversity, viewing it as a reflection of God’s own nature. We welcome persons of any age, color, ability, gender, or sexual orientation. We embrace those of varying theological and political beliefs, and differing ethnic, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds. We are committed to ending hatred, prejudice, and discrimination, thereby providing a safe place – physically, emotionally and spiritually – for all people to explore their faith at every stage of life.

We welcome you to our website and invite you to consider making the Church by the Sea your spiritual home. Please explore our many programs and activities described throughout the website. We also invite you to join us for worship Sunday morning.

Blessings and peace,
Revs. Robert and Barbara Asinger

Coming soon…

You’ll soon find us moving from worshipping at the St.Regis to being in our very own building after many years! You can see our building being constructed in Bay Harbor Islands!