Located adjacent the main sanctuary, the Jack and Jacki Tuckfield Chapel offers an intimate setting for quiet reflection and special events such as weddings, memorial services and baptisms. The Tuckfield Chapel seats about 50 people.

The Chapel is open for Personal Prayer and Reflection each Tuesday – Saturday from 9am – 5pm.

In 1952, our beloved chapel was dedicated in the memory of Jefferson Lee Ford III by his father. For years the Jefferson Lee Ford III Foundation made yearly contributions to the budget of the church for ongoing maintenance of the chapel. In 2013, the Foundation was dissolved and our church was ready to consider the next chapter in the life of our chapel. The Board of Directors prayerfully considered rededicating the chapel following conversations between Rev. Rob and Dr. Gloria Tuckfield. After congregational approval at the annual meeting, the chapel has been designated the “Jack and Jacki Tuckfield Memorial Chapel.” The Tuckfield Family has been members of the Church by the Sea for many years and Jack and Jacki’s memorial services were held here. Dr. Gloria Tuckfield’s generosity is unwavering and so greatly appreciated. Her contribution for the maintenance of the chapel and
church aids us now and for generations to come. We remain extremely grateful to the Jefferson Lee Ford III Foundation and the Ford family for their support over the last half-century. Their legacy remains a vital part of our church’s history and they remain in our hearts and prayers.

Jack and Gloria, faithful people of modest means, shared a grand vision and deep commitment to serving the community. They believed development of one’s spiritual and intellectual life blesses not only the individual but the community as a whole. In addition,they believed it would help heal the racial divide they had experienced in their own lives as an interracial family with Jack being Caucasian and Gloria African-American. An important part of that healing would come, they envisioned, if more African-Americans held professional and executive management positions within the community.

Their daughter, Jacki, shared that vision. Jacki was active in the Church by the Sea Youth Group and had been appointed to serve as a Deacon. She completed her Master’s in Business at NOVA Southeastern University, but tragically died suddenly from a heart condition at the age of twenty-five before realizing her dreams. Jacki adamantly believed that diversity was an asset for strengthening the fabric of human relationships and she aspired for herself, and others,to a better life through academic, spiritual, and professional achievements. She had hoped to become a Chief Executive Officer of a company dedicated to a policy of diversity.

Drs. Jack and Gloria Tuckfield carried on their daughter’s vision creating the Jacki Tuckfield Memorial Graduate Business Scholarship Fund that fosters workforce diversity and economic prosperity through awards to South Florida African-American students enrolled in graduate business schools.

Since 1997, due to Jack and Gloria’s efforts, the Scholarship Program has donated more than $442,000 to 388 students bringing untold blessings to the South Florida Community.

Jack Tuckfield passed away in 2011, but the vision of Jack, Gloria, and Jacki lives on. Theirs is a legacy of love, faith, and vision. It continues through the Jacki Tuckfield Scholarship Program and it continues here at the Church by the Sea in the rededication of our chapel as the “Jack and Jacki Memorial Chapel.” The Jack and Jacki Memorial Chapel will be a place of prayer and inspiration for all who enter the Church by the Sea. It will also serve as a testament to what one ordinary person or family can do when filled with the Holy Spirit and a divine vision.

Take time in the next days and weeks to visit the Jack and Jacki Memorial Chapel and remember Jack and Jacki and their vision. Say a prayer for the healing of all that still divides our nation and community. In addition, if you know of an African-American student in South Florida pursuing a graduate business degree, please forward their name and contact information to the church and we will make sure they receive a scholarship application.

Rev. Rob Asinger