A message from the Reverends Rob & Barbara

Dear All,
First, we want to wish you a happy and safe New Year!
As more and more people are getting ill from the Omicron variant, and in an effort to protect all, the Board of Directors in conjunction with the Ministers have decided to move to online worship through the months of January and February.

We realize this may be disappointing but since many are traveling and visiting for the winter, moving to online worship through January and February seems the most faithful and wisest choice we can make as a community.

We hope you join us on this website, or on our Facebook or YouTube pages, every Sunday in January and February at 9am to view our worship services.

We will be back live and in person in the St. Regis Ballroom at 10:30am beginning Sunday, March 6th! For any questions please call the church office at (305)866-0321. We wish you a healthy and blessed 2022!

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