A message from the Reverends Rob & Barbara

Dear All,
First, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and pray the New Year brings the joy, light and love of the Child.
As more and more people are getting ill from the Omicron variant, and in an effort to protect all, the Board of Directors in conjunction with the Ministers have decided to move to on-line worship beginning December 26th through the month of January.
We realize this may be disappointing but since many are traveling and visiting for Christmas, moving to on-line worship for the 26th through January seems the most faithful and wisest choice we can make as a community. In addition, the CDC recommends N95 masks to stop the spread of this highly transmissible variant and of course to sing and speak with an N95 can be, at times, impossible. In addition if you are planning on attending the Christmas Eve Services, or if you were hesitating because it is indoors, we have good news. BOTH SERVICES ON CHRISTMAS EVE WILL BE OUTDOORS!! Both Worship Services will be held in the porte-cochere area of the St. Regis (where we currently eat brunch).
5PM ~ Intergenerational Service 7:30PM ~ Candles and Carols
IMPORTANT. PLEASE READ. If you are planning on attending the Christmas Eve Services.
We ask if you have traveled recently or if you, or anyone in your household, has cold symptoms, please stay home. Let us love our neighbors and ourselves as we help in stopping the spread of this virus. Wear your masks as you are heading to your seats and when you are not eating and drinking. The weather forecast says there should be a chill in the air so wear a sweater!
Revs. Barbara & Rob